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Welcome to the last fitness program you may ever need!  If you are looking to shape your best body ever, you’ll need a program that targets your whole body.  If you want a program that keeps you interested, you’ll want a method that offers something different, every time.  If you want to accomplish your goals in the least amount of time, you’ll need a program that offers the most efficient form of exercise.

The Lightning Fitness Mobile App gives you all of this.

The unique Routine Randomizer is at the core of the application.  Every time you prepare to work out, the program will draw from a pool of exercises, and sequence them in a random order within a framework designed to target all areas of your body.  How many different routines are possible?  Somewhere in the trillions.  Yes, trillions.

Every workout routine in Lightning Fitness will include exercises that focus on five different areas…Cardio, Core, Metabolism, Strength, Glutes. In other words, your whole body.

Cardio health is achieved not only with specific cardio-focus exercises, but by the high intensity interval training format of the routine. Activity periods followed by shorter rest periods result in an increased heart rate, which is maintained throughout the routine.

Core strength is not only targeted by specific exercises, but by many of the multi-bodypart exercises as well. You use your core muscles in almost every body movement. Exercises that provide a secondary focus on the core are highly beneficial to everything you do.

Your Metabolism is the “furnace” of your body. Increasing your metabolic rate is the best way to burn calories. And the best way to increase your metabolic rate is to engage your largest muscle groups, primarily those found in your legs and butt. Not only does the program result in more muscular and more attractive legs and butt, but the effect of a higher metabolic rate goes beyond the workout. Your body will continue to burn calories long after the exercise period is over. It is like an ocean barge which has cut power. It takes miles for the barge to stop.

Maintaining and increasing Strength is paramount in both improving your body shape and maintaining health.  In addition to the specific exercises targeted toward increasing upper- and lower-body strength, many of the exercises have the secondary benefit of targeting strength as well.

Glutes…that’s a funny word.  But who (male or female) doesn’t want a firmer, more well rounded butt?  And when you target the Gluteus Maximus, you’re targeting the largest muscle in the human body.  So you better not ignore it if you are looking to ramp up your metabolism.

Variety, Effectiveness, Convenience…it’s all here for you.  You just have to get started!