About Us…(Lazy People)

Will somebody PLEASE design me a new workout to do every day?  I’m too busy to figure it out myself all the time.  Sheesh.

It is ironic, but the seminal motivation for the Lightning Fitness mobile app was a natural laziness.

Like many (possibly most) people, I enjoy exercise. I like the feeling of accomplishment for having gotten off my butt and actually done something productive for myself. There is a maxim that nobody anywhere has heard the phrase “I’m really sorry I worked out yesterday”. It’s true. I may be sore after a workout, but I’m always mildly proud of the soreness.

But, also like many people, certain obstacles stunted my progress toward any degree of real fitness. Having time to work out, having a place to work out and, figuring out what (and what type) of exercises to do to achieve my goal and, most importantly, what program could I do that would not bore me with its repetition.

In other words, I didn’t exercise to the degree that I should simply because I was too lazy to try and map out a program that would address all of these issues, and I was never able to find a commercial program that did it for me.

So I went and did it myself.

About me…

I’m 54 years old, married (28 years), with seven children, six still at home. My career is primarily a desk job, that I reach with an hour or more commute, each way, every day.

As you can imagine, I don’t have a lot of spare time. But I’ve always believed that exercise is important. Further, I feel I owe it to my family to be as healthy as I can, so that I can be active with them for as long as I can.
What is different is that my fitness level is better now that it has been since my early 20s.

I am reasonably coordinated, physically, but one would not describe me as being (or ever having been) an elite athlete. I played, and enjoyed, sports while growing up. In my 20’s, I stopped playing organized sports, started my career, and began to raise a family (a familiar story to many). Now in my 50’s, I can say that I am still not playing organized sports, still working at a career and still raising a family. What is different is the fact that my level of fitness is better now that it has been since probably my early 20’s.

And that fact is due to the precepts I learned and combined in developing the Lightning Fitness mobile application.

LF-Pic-MHR 1

I do it.  You can do it, too!