You will benefit from Lightning Fitness whether you modify your eating habits or not.


There is the word “diet”, meaning what you eat in a general sense, and there is the phrase “to diet”, meaning that you follow a specific set of rules about what you can eat, a la the “Atkins Diet”, the “Scarsdale Diet”, the “Paleo Diet”, etc. For myself, I like rather a lot of different kinds of foods and beverages, and I don’t see any reason not to enjoy them. And, therefore, I do not recommend any of the popular “diet” programs.

I recommend common sense.

For the most part, we eat way more food than we need to…way more than we need simply to survive. But life, for the fortunate many, is much more than simple survival, and therefore there is no shame, and actually much joy, in enjoying the many food choices available to us.

Our problem is one of moderation or, more properly stated, a lack of moderation. I am guilty in this regard. You will benefit from Lightning Fitness whether you modify your eating habits or not. It cannot be otherwise. You will, however, benefit more, and see results more quickly, if you simply use the brains God gave you to override the advertising blitzkrieg that is constantly presented to you, advertising designed to convince you that you can simply not lose weight, you can simply not improve yourself unless you follow the rules of some fashionable “diet” program.

You already know how to improve your diet. I’m not a professional nutritionist and most likely, neither are you. But even we ignorant souls know the parameters to follow, like…


Eat less.

If you go back for seconds, make sure it’s for something green. Chances are, you don’t need seconds at all, but you take them out of habit. So modify the habit by taking something that is at least better for you. Take more salad, instead of more bread.


Snack less.

Face it, most Americans eat what we want, when we want. The fact is, this is a fairly recent phenomena. Ask anyone in their 40’s or 50’s or beyond, and they will tell you that they generally had three meals a day, and the occasional popcorn at night. And, believe it or not, none of us died of starvation under those circumstances.


Drink more water.

No brainer here. Water is the elixir of life.


Eat less crap.

Fight the fact of convenience. It is so easy to open a box of crackers, or a bag of chips. Do yourself a favor, grab an apple or a banana.