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The revolutionary Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology gives you the results you want

What is EMS?

EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) is an innovative and FDA-cleared technology that builds muscle and burns fat with electromagnetic pulses.  The contractions enhance the way your body responds to exercise. Encouraging the growth of new muscle fibers and protein strains which simultaneously decreases unwanted fat cells.

When sent to targeted training areas, EMS stimulation contracts muscles at a much higher rate. This enhances your body to increase caloric burn by 3x to 4x than versus normal exercise.

Benefits of Lightning Fit EMS Training

The EMS leading technology player

The most evaluated trainers
in the industry

Activate >30% muscle fibers and protein strains

Decrease workout times by up to 70%

Increase metabolism and 3x/4x caloric burn

Low load means <50% impact on joints

Who It's for

EMS is well suited to help you achieve almost any fitness goal.

Exponential Caloric Burn

The workout delivers 3x to 4x calorie burns while increasing the body’s metabolism for 48-hours post workout for optimal weight loss results

Build strength and muscle mass

Comprehensive Body Sculpting

Muscle stimulation that can’t be reached by traditional training with peak results for high “body conscious” players looking to get even closer to perfection

Athletic Performance

Whether it’s your job of today or hopefully your job of the future, EMS training is the perfect complement to get even greater results from your current training and nutrition regiment

Help with recovery and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Our platform and its direct and targeted nature makes an ideal action plan for all forms of injury recovery, surgical rehabilitation, and physical therapy

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