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The EMS Workout Vest is a Vital Part of The Overall System

The EMS Workout Vest is a Vital Part of The Overall System

The EMS Workout Vest is a Vital Part of The Overall System

January 4, 2022

Training like the elite train can be as simple as having access to the most advanced and modern fitness training technology and protocols. While there are many options in this regard, Electrical Muscle Stimulation or utizing an EMS Workout Vest is a growing and popular type of fitness technology that is sweeping the nation. Top performers throughout the country are using this kind of training and incorporating it into their strength and conditioning programs as a way to achieve remarkable results. It is scientifically validated technology that has many benefits.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a Real and Important Technology

For example, it is proven to penetrate deep into the muscle compartment and thereby activates up to 95% of an individual’s muscle fibers. This provides clear and obvious benefits over other types of traditional strength training programs, which typically will only activate about 65% of a person’s muscle fibers. As a result, EMS has been assisting athletes to achieve remarkable performance for many years. Whether talking about improving muscle imbalances or gaining an edge over the competition or activating more muscle fibers, one thing is sure and that is that electrical muscle stimulation is a real and important technology that should never be overlooked by aspiring athletes worldwide.

Those Interested in Anaerobic Performance

Spending less time in the gym and more time on improving skills while targeting specific muscle activation is an important and an essential part of modern physical training. The system can have a direct impact on improving everything from speed to power and vertical jump as well as strength and performance. It also offers clear advantages with regard to metabolic as well as cardiovascular response, in addition to impact and flexibility improvements. From collegiate athletes to female adolescent athletes and those interested in anaerobic performance and muscle activation, this is a technology whose time has come. To learn more about Lightning Fit simply visit online or call today.

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