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Dhakir (Duce) Bey is a highly experienced Certified Coach/Trainer certified by the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF).  Dhakir began his training upon graduation in 2002 after playing and starting with the United States Naval Academy Varsity Football team. There he helped in the training workouts for various sports clubs such as Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball (Men’s and Women’s), the sprint football team, and the women’s volleyball team. Dhakir has also worked with the Eastfield College Police Academy, as a Speed and Movement Coach with North Dallas High School Boys’ Basketball Program, and as a Fitness Coordinator for Madison Point Apartment Homes.

Dhakir also had the opportunity to train a couple of guys that have been drafted into the NBA D-League providing unique professional-level training. In addition to personal and group training, his main focus is the volunteer work initiative with the Juvenile Detention Centers (Dallas Youth Village) and has expanded to include building fitness and nutrition programs with low-income community villages. Most recently Dhakir has been sought after to teach his upbeat, energetic kickboxing classes but not being restricted, has also taught a variety of classes such as; Shred(Jillian Michaels), Insanity(Shaun T), Power Torque, Harder Chisel/Chisel, Aquafit, and various Bootcamps across the city.

As Dhakir was being sought after for his high-intensity classes and variety of exercise challenges, the opportunity to get into the EMS suit that Lightning Fit provides arose. Experiencing two orthoscopic knee surgeries on the same knee, he was able to immediately see the muscle imbalances he possesses. As a fitness and movement Coach, Dhakir provides education to his clients about strength training, cardio goals, basic functional training, nutrition, and life balance. He also offers guidance on reaching individual goals, self-accountability, and ways to help track the individual’s progress. Dhakir uses his expertise to help clients increase their confidence, communication, strategic skills, and awareness of self.

Training & Certifications:
NCSF Certified Personal Trainer


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