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For nearly two decades, Ed has thrived in the fitness industry as a Coach and Educator with one purpose: use all of the tools and knowledge at his disposal to help those around him live fuller and healthier lives.A collegiate Track & Field athlete, Ed experienced the joys of competition and the frustration of injuries and over-training.  In learning how to first, heal himself, he found a passion for health and wellness and has remained a constant student in corrective exercise, performance coaching and Nutrition.

With the incredible EMS training technology and programming, he's confident he can help anyone willing to take on the challenge of something new! When he's not in an EMS suit, Ed enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, cooking for his friends and family, and playing endlessly with his young son!

Training & Certifications:
NESTA PT and Heart Rate Conditioning, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Precision Nutrition Master Coach, FMS, Functional Aging Institute: Bran Health, MMA Conditioning, Animal Flow Level 2, Kettle Bell Athletics


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