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"If we don't make time for our wellness, we will be forced to make time for our illness"





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Ellen has always been an avid fitness fanatic.  This started from an early age when she helped her parents with the manual labor in their family store.  There were many hours of moving 50-60 boxes some weighing up to 50lbs in and out of vehicles, up and down stairs and to and from the storage room.  It was here that Ellen discovered her love of physical work. She liked being strong and loved the muscles that developed as a side effect of her hard labor.

She continued to work out throughout her college days at NYU. She graduated with a degree in Sociology, and after graduation she pursued an acting career, so naturally, she started waiting tables, furthering her physical labor. She managed to land small roles on TV and film, and worked in musicals, making it all the way to Lincoln Center for a few seasons.  During this time, she became pregnant and went on to stay home with her two kids until they became teenagers. In 2013, she went back to NYU and got her master’s degree in TESOL, teaching English as a second language. While teaching adults at a language school, her students would always inquire about her muscular physique. So many sought fitness advice from her, so she started a fitness class for the students, at their request. This is when she had an epiphany. She shifted her focus onto fitness and obtained her certification as personal trainer and started working with people immediately.

Even as a trainer, Ellen has constantly sought out new training methods and techniques, and attended various workout classes. She came across Lightning Fit as a client. After as little as ten sessions, she started to see the results in her body, and was in awe of this workout method. Excited and energized, she applied to be a Lightning Fit trainer, as she was sure that this was the smartest way to train her clients.

Training & Certifications:
ACE Certified Personal Trainer


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